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Your business and your challenges

You are focusing on a constantly changing world and your business is managed by Visionaries.

“Growth has no limits; the sky is the target”

You are a young team of visionaries 

  • providing services / products in the segment of internet, social media, multimedia and other new communication technology,
  • selling products/services by using modern distribution channels,
  • with low initial capital and
  • searching for additional venture capital to enlarge your vision.

You are trying new selling techniques and development approaches, you live the “agile-approach”. You dream about an IPO, a well established international corporation or an exit-scenario. But until then, you have to overcomer many barriers, setbacks and frustrating times.

Your big challenge is being attractive for Venture Capitalists and Business Angels

  • having a good team of leaders, sales people and developers,
  • having a service / product with potential,
  • reporting the business KPIs and
  • complying with legal regulations for tax and accounting.

In the first two stages of the life cycle of a start-up these reports and processes are more focused on monitoring sufficient liquidity, then develops step-by-step to more detailed analyses and reporting of KPIs, especially when it comes to the stage of “Scalability”.

You have to manage and monitor high rates of sales growth - but also huge losses with a huge cash burn rate.

How to do this all together? With the right team and the right tools by your side.