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Startupadmin makes top level CFOs on demand and international sales and controlling tools available for your enterprise.

Shared Service Center

Our Shared Service Center provides a team of business analysts and financial experts who share their expertise among our startup clients and generate cost efficient outputs at international top level. Of course, we care for a back-up solutions for each responsible team member.


We set up a Salesforce application for the sales employees of your startup business and the business analyses that we provide to the managing directors of the startup.

Professional Planner

We use Professional Planner software as budgeting and financial reporting tool.

Local accounting and payroll software

In each country we use local accounting and payroll software packages to comply with local regulations.

CFO on demand

Our CFO on demand works in the office of the client´s startup business as an external team member on a weekly or monthly basis. This depends on the size of the chosen service package.

The CFO on demand acts as an interface between the client and the Shared Service Center. We delegate experienced, efficient and trustable experts, who discharge the startup business from the fixed wage costs of an employed CFO.

Our pool of CFOs on demand meets up periodically on a regulars´ table to share experiences, best practices, and continuously develop our services.

In a first phase the CFO on demand aims to get a full understanding the business of the startup client, the internal processes and relevant KPIs, collects the relevant data and forwards it to the Shared Service Center. As soon as possible we try to establish cost-efficient direct communication between the startup client and the Shared Service Center.